A week after the conclusion of Gen Con 2011, I have finally just about recovered, unpacked, and started to get a little perspective on the show, which was certainly a mixed bag of ups and downs. 

I would very much like to thank the many people who made Gen Con as successful and enjoyable as it was for Skirmisher Publishing LLC, our d-Infinity multi-platform game magazine, and me personally. These include: 

* Matt Beman, Mike Olenik, Steve Strnad, and Steve Olk of Armorcast, whose booth we shared.
* Booth babes Dillo Chan and Emily Harris, who did a terrific job representing Skirmisher and its line of products.

Back in the early '80s, probably 1982, my friend Paul Knorr handed me a novel and said something like, "Read this. You'll like it." I perused the cover, emblazoned with some fairly typical sci-fi soldier, and, humoring him, asked what it was about.