Every year, the happy task at the big annual game conventions is the same: find the one or two exceptional, standout gems among the many new releases. There is really no way to tell in advance what this game, supplement, or other product is going to be and sometime it is not even clear until one gets home and has a chance to actually try out their new acquisitions.

A week after the conclusion of Gen Con 2011, I have finally just about recovered, unpacked, and started to get a little perspective on the show, which was certainly a mixed bag of ups and downs. 

I would very much like to thank the many people who made Gen Con as successful and enjoyable as it was for Skirmisher Publishing LLC, our d-Infinity multi-platform game magazine, and me personally. These include: 

* Matt Beman, Mike Olenik, Steve Strnad, and Steve Olk of Armorcast, whose booth we shared.
* Booth babes Dillo Chan and Emily Harris, who did a terrific job representing Skirmisher and its line of products.

Back in the early '80s, probably 1982, my friend Paul Knorr handed me a novel and said something like, "Read this. You'll like it." I perused the cover, emblazoned with some fairly typical sci-fi soldier, and, humoring him, asked what it was about.