Just as when John Carter looked up at Mars, gleaming in the night sky, and was thereby drawn up to it in the books of Edgar Rice Burroughs, so too are many of us as gamers drawn to the red planet. I have not spoken to a single gamer I know, in fact, who is not planning on seeing the film John Carter when or soon after it opens in theaters at the end of this week.

I am a big fan of the tradition of celebrating the New Year. While 2011 was a good year in many ways it was also a tough one for Skirmisher and included almost as much struggle and disappointment as it did successes. So, suffice it to say, I am just as glad to put the last year behind us and move forward with what I genuinely believe will be out best year ever. And I have numerous reasons for why I believe this will be the case, a few of which I will share here:

During the month of November, any number of friends and associates noted that I had not posted much of anything to the Skirmisher website or even responded to or apparently read other people's posts to it. And, now that the rigors I endured during that month have ended, I am able to give more than a curt, "I'll tell you more in December!" response. 

Immortals, the stunning epic fantasy that opens today, 11-11-11, is perhaps one of the most terrific fantasy films of the last decade. In part this is because of its non-stop action but it goes beyond this in a number of key ways. This movie follows the struggle of heroic Theseus (Henry Cavill) and his companions (Stephen Dorff, Freida Pinto) to obtain a magic bow and defeat the depraved villain King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke). Seeing the film in the "Real 3D" format only makes it more striking. 

HUDSON, OHIO -- Had a great second day here at Con on the Cob!

HUDSON, OHIO -- Speaking as someone who has attended Gen Con for the past 10 years, up until today I had almost forgotten that game conventions could be be actually be fun and relaxing and am grateful to Con on the Cob organizer Andy Hopp for reminding me of that.