On the Game Blender Challenge episode of "d-Infinity Live!" each of the co-hosts was given three randomly-selected games or game books from the shelves of their colleagues and had to create, on the fly, a treatment for an original role-playing game using elements from them. (In the image above, an actualized Ammonite player character participates in the destruction of Smallville H.S.

One of the things that makes the “d-Infinity Live!” challenge episodes challenging is that each participant is not just trying to create something, they are competing against other clever people who are endeavoring to do the same. So, it behooves us to go beyond what we otherwise might and do something that is going to stand out compared with the other creations that are going to be publicly presented. 

Following is a piece I initially wrote a little more than four years ago but which I have updated and expanded in response to our recent "d-Infinity Live!" episode on Vermin, to include recapping some of my comments during the show. 

Being a packrat is certainly a dubious characteristic, as I am continuously reminded in my ongoing attempts to keep Skirmisher HQ and my home office organized, but once in awhile it does result in some nice surprises. Case in point is, in fact, the first dungeon I ever created, sometime during the summer of 1982! I have, accordingly, scanned this 35-year-old document and shared it here.

Ironically, my first step in undertaking the Hometown History Challenge on our most recent episode of “d-Infinity Live!” was just deciding which community I have lived in to focus on!