With OwlCon 2015 quickly approaching, I have been thinking about  what I will be doing between gaming sessions.  Once in a while there is down-time or very occasionally, I will find myself without a game that I am interested in playing.  Knowing what Houston has to offer in the vicinity of Rice University, I like to have a contingency plan.  Here is my plan for 2015. 

Greetings fellow adventurers and friends!

The Kickstarter has been fully completed and my retail management hell is over, at least until next holiday season.  I finally had a chance to sit down and write  the introduction to the short follow-up adventure to Rise of The Cult of Nagfa. 

Hello everyone!  In case you haven't ordered your copy of Rise of the Cult of Nagfa yet, here is your chance to get the PDF or Print + PDF at great prices!

On DriveThruRPG you can pick up the PDF copy for only $9.99 and includes the adventure, handouts and the MP3 of the finale monster!


On Amazon.com, you can get the print copy + PDF for only $19.99!

Many of you have undoubtedly heard of or likely played one of the Rock Band franchise games.  How many of you have ROLE-PLAYED Rock Band? 

I can tell you that this author has, along with his whole family, been a worldwide sensational Rock Band known as "Wilhelm Scream".   We were so enchanted with Rock Band that I decided to incorporate it into a role playing experience that debuted at OwlCon a few years back and it was called "Rock-N-Roll Amber - LIVE!".

Greeting fellow adventurers and friends!

Everyone's packages have been packed and are ready to ship!  Unfortunately, I have to work today from before the post office opens till after it closes. 

It has been an incredible adventure for me and I hope that Rise of the Cult of Nagfa is an incredible adventure for all of you as well!

Fellow adventurers and friends!