It’s frankly impressive just how many different ways there are to get cancer from dungeon-crawling. Today’s carcinogen: radon, nature’s answer to cigarette smoke.

A couple of weeks ago, d-Infinity Live! had an episode about intoxicants in games. A few very interesting questions were raised.

As some modern medications become less useful over time, there’s been a push to open up medieval books and see if they knew something that we don’t.

There are a lot of unexplained mysteries about the Black Death. One mystery is why the plague might kill millions and then vanish, only to reappear years later.

Some diseases are more complex than others. Many of our common and “simple” illnesses were totally incomprehensible to ancient healers, but they did sometimes have surprisingly detailed understandings of diseases which would have been very difficult to comprehend.

The friends and loved ones of suicide victims are at increased risk of all sorts of mental health difficulties themselves, but we know very little about what happens in societies where suicide is acceptable or encouraged.