Do you ever wonder whether some of your group's player characters have ADHD? Actually, let me put that another way: are there any PCs in your group who you DON'T think act like they have ADHD?

Lycanthropy doesn't follow the classic patterns that we associate with real-world diseases, but we can perhaps infer whether it can be sexually transmitted.

Although the concept of the mummy flies in the face of biology, mummy rot comes close to being scientifically explicable. By looking at two real-world diseases, we can infer that mummy rot's mechanism of action, on a physiological level, probably involves damage to nerves and blood vessels.

You might think that health care workers would just take it on faith that being kidnapped by pirates is unhealthy for you, but the scientific method dictates that we test all hypotheses, even the ones that seem guaranteed to be true. After a few years of research, scientists have confidently demonstrated that being kidnapped by pirates is unhealthy for you. Now we know!

Whether it be Cthulhu, Vecna, or the movie star of your choice, some people seem to pick some very odd figures to venerate. Have you ever sat down to wonder what sort of person chooses to worship at the altar of vapidity and corruption?

Despite many years of mockery, leeches are actually making a comeback in the medical world.