When we were planning out Insults & Injuries, we had to pick and choose what diseases we wanted to include and what we decided to leave out for the time being. There's one area of illness that got left out for a few different reasons: nutritional deficiencies.

Last week, I talked a bit about tuberculosis and its different extrapulmonary manifestations. This leads naturally to another topic which is very relevant to a medieval fantasy setting: the laying on of hands.

Let's talk about tuberculosis.

I sometimes wonder how many thousands of murdered goblins can be blamed on adventurers becoming violent while suffering from alcohol withdrawal.

One of the real disappointments of having a Heal skill in most games is that it lets us be lazy.

Whether you're rolling a natural 20 in Dungeons & Dragons or a half-dozen 10's in Vampire: the Masquerade, the critical success is a big part of the game.