So Dead Things the board game is shambling into stores. I have an expansion to release in a few weeks and then I take the whole thing to the local convention.

Also we have a 3rd edition of the Dead Things audio stories. This one is one of my favorites because it tell the back story of the character Clyde from the game. In the game he is the guy carrying the shot gun and is on his way to the local bank to make a small deposit, which is the name of the episode.

you can find the episode here:

Zombie Audio Stories. I love radio plays and the idea of getting to do a couple of them for Dead Things was something I really wanted to do. The idea is to feature the characters and what they were doing before the game pick up as well as to before the game and to highlight new characters. Currently we are at episode 2. You can find them here:

Turn Order One of the first things I wanted to do was to make this a game where you are playing against the system not each other. The problem with that is using a normal turn order puts the game at a disadvantage since the players can out think most program based turn orders, or they get too complicated.

ZombiesThis was started when I was just starting my board game Dead Things, now that the game is done and out I thought I would I post them to give you an idea on how and what decisions were made and how they eventually played out.

So I was thinking about zombie games, there are some good ones, but most don’t represent the genre as we see it in the movies. So I decided to make a zombie game, but I wanted to correct the errors I saw in the earlier games. Out of this came my game Dead Things.

Last time we talked we looked at the game systems that the world of Mper had been run under, this goes back to the idea that they world is itself is the main attraction of any campaign, not the rules. Mper was created totally by accident in a long forgotten art class as a way to make extra credit.


I was thinking about all of the systems my Mper/Avalyn campaign has been run under (in order):

1st Edition



Home brew 1


Homebrew II




3.75 (Pathfinder)


Which reminds me that one of my favorite adventures "Light Without Shadow, Blade Without Edge" which is pretty independent of system, just a good twisty plot.