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New episodes Thursdays at 8pm CST!

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Magic Items and Rules for Alchemical Research

I have many supplements that are either on alchemy or have it as a section or chapter. As I was recently rereading some of them, I found somethings lacking. The first are magical equipment for alchemical processes that can also be handy for adventurers (there is a very few out there) and the other rules for discovery. Here is my take on both.

High Weirdness in Mutant Future

I am always looking for new ways to introduce the odd, bizarre and weird to Gamma World and Mutant Future. One simple method involves The Metamorphica, a free pdf and inexpensive print on demand book that is filled with gobs of mutations and many useful charts. One of those charts is 200 adjectives meant to be used in conjunction with another chart of body parts. You can find it on pages 130 and 131. I got to playing around with the chart and applying random adjectives to artifacts, buildings, locations and sky features.

A Review of Quantum Flux

I asked a friend to review Quantum Flux: Unique Superscience Artifacts. He suddenly had a crisis in his life and can not finish it. I asked if I could post what he did do here and so is the review from Moses Wuldermuth:


Quantum Flux Unique Superscience Artifacts

By Derek Holland and the Skirmisher Game Development Group

A Mutant Future Compatible Product

Sequence Spells

I have seen a few different supplements that combine spells in various ways, but I have never seen the idea of a sequence of effects where one ends and the next takes over. Here are a few examples using AD&D spells:

Congealed Flame is a 5th level arcane spell that initially creates smoke (Fog Cloud) that will collapse into a sticky mess (Web) that ignites in the last round (Fire Trap) that destroys the pseudo silk.

Basilisk Goggles and Wishing Wells now has a POD option!

My collection of 572 magic items from Fat Goblin now has a print on demand option. You can find a trio of reviews on its OBS page here-

If you do decide to buy it, I hope you have as much fun reading and use it as I have had writing it.