A couple years ago I posted some thoughts on A New Way of Looking at Epic Magic and now I have some more.
Some of the OSR bloggers, such as Arnold K. over at Goblin Punch, have been posting some amazing traps. Instead of wracking my brain to come up with more, I cheated and used the lists in The Nameless Grimoire (a supplement for The Nightmares Underneath) for ideas. In this case I used Aspect + Element + Form and then considered how they may be used as trap effects. Here are the best 30:
Sometimes the answer to a question is sitting right in front of one's face. I want a simple spell for 5e that transforms creatures from one form to another so I used Fabricate as the base.
Bioform X
4th-level Transmutation
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: 120 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: Instantaneous
I want to give players the opportunity to have androids that can create artifacts. They would be some of the very few surviving forging androids or robots, the ones that keep producing advanced technology. Here are some ideas:
The machines must give up two of their three free mutations at character creation. It would be a good idea to take Quick Mind or a similar mutation that increases technology roll attempts with the remaining mutation.