Recently I got to thinking about how to use reskinning in Mutant Future to create a diverse array of characters, both player and non-player. One of the most useful in this regard are basic androids. They are robots, not imitations of  living things like synthetic androids or actual flesh like replicants. Unlike the other racial classes, androids have three mutations that are selected by the player. Not only is that amazing, it allows for characters such as:
I was looking through d20 Apocalpyse and once again was reminded of the most annoying, yet sensible trade unit. TUs are meant to provide parts for machines without most of the paperwork involved in recording what actual items the characters obtain and use. It sparked an idea, this spell meant for modern and futuristic settings done in Labyrinth Lord format:
Harvest Machine Potential
Level: M6
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: Touch
The idea of tinkering or modifying magic items has interested me for a few years now, but the mechanics has eluded me until now. Here are three different ways that you might include the idea in your campaigns. Keep in mind that tinkering requires tools of some sort, not just some mumbling and hand waving. And though I use an hour for the tinkering time (to make it somewhat compatible with 5e), it really is up to the DM in how long it should take.

I was thinking of kinds of magic to make the non-human races for the Labyrinth Lord RPG more fantastic. Oddly, the first idea I had was for halflings- the race I least pay attention to.

A Nature Elemental is an extremely powerful creature that removes all traces of  civilization within a certain area and replaces it with the natural setting that existed before.