Part One:


A week or two back, I began reading a series of e-novellas, known collectively as Tom Swan and the Head of St. George, by Christian Cameron. I have just finished Part Three of the nine available. Here is the link to the first in the series [if you, like me, are a canuck, you can get to the Canadian page from here too]:


I started the ball rolling with D20 Oddities for a Creepy Old House. We churned out around d100 of those.

Will thrasher took the ball and ran with it, right into the Abandoned Observatory.

Well, apparently there was a well nearby, that Will fell in to, because now he has d-infinity Oddities for an Abandoned Well.

OK. So this is a little nuts, but I decided that some of the chimerical crazies to be found on Wondermark right now should be turned into actual gamable material. So, borrowing a page from fellow d-Infinity author Chris Van Deelen, who has been providing folks with stats for post apocalyptic critters EVERY DAY for weeks and weeks now, I am going to try statting some of these chimera up.
For those who require it, the link to Wondermark again:

This one is from a link sent to me by my lovely wife, who knows well how much I like this sort of inspired madness.
This is the latest entry on the Wondermark blog - labeled as a Zoological Times Table, it is also a treasure trove of chimerae:
My personal favourites [for no good reason] are the Pihranape, the Narwheagle, and the Camelephant.
Thanks to Wondermark for posting this awesomeness.

I came across the article below and it was so evocative for me that it got me thinking about the low likelihood of me populating a Haunted House or similar with any of the items listed without some sort of inspiration.

In Part the First, I went on about the coolness of Honor & Intrigue and how I jump started a One Shot session on New Year's Eve which has become a mini-campaign of [at least] three parts. Today, I thought I would give you a bit of background on the setting that I chose for the campaign.
The Sainted Heart - An Honor & Intrigue RPG  Mini-Campaign