This is just a couple of links to a video from San Diego Comic Con. I didn't go to the panel, or the Con [I WISH I had, to both. 
For a while I had been considering writing a significant blog piece on writing characters for fiction and gaming, specifically a few ideas on female characters. Not because I Am an expert on it, but because it seems like so many people who do it aren't doing it very well, and I didn't think I could louse it up any further by sticking my oar in the water.

So currently, the Barbarians of Lemuria, Mythic Edition Kickstarter is heading into its last 10 days. Already a terrific success, it has more stretch goals to slay, bloody Valgardian blade in hand, to stand triumphant, leading a horde of backers. So I thought I would mention it here, do my part to help spread the word, as it were.


I have long been fascinated by this odd weapon. The Fustibola, or Staff Sling, saw use from at least as early as the 4th Century A.D. up to the Renaissance and beyond. It is cheap to manufacture and, apparently, easy to learn. It could hurls stones, lead missiles, even clay pots filled with incendiaries or quicklime. If you are having trouble imagining what I mean by a staff sling, we are talking about a length of cord with a pouch for the missile, attached to a pole which is swung two-handed.

So last night I ran a session of my ongoing New Centurions superhero game using the BASH Supers RPG. Two established characters Moonblade and Whiteclaw, joined forces with a new one, Shimyr, in an attempt to stop a Prison Transport Breakout attempt.

I am currently nearly finished the first draft of a novella set in the Island of Kos shared-world fiction and game setting. My working title is 'The Dreaming God'. I am very enthused about this project and, after the fantastic distractions of Comicpalooza and the prep therefore, I am looking forward to getting back to the novella and finishing it up.

I got back from Comicpalooza last night after 12 hours of flying, waiting to fly, going through Customs, eating bad, overpriced airport food, etc. All of which was - in combination with the same process on Thursday in the opposite direction - completely and utterly worth it! I had a blast! Seeing the other Skirmishers again, or in several cases, meeting them for the first time, was great. We worked like maniacs from the time I got there on Thursday afternoon until I left Sunday morning.