Here is an updated index of all Krampusnacht content for the BASH Superhero RPG:

BASHKrampusnacht: Night of the Krampus! the Scenario in Three Acts

BASHKrampusnacht, Better Late than Never!

The Forgotten Children

I will not be posting a BASH Datafile today, as I have done for a number of Mondays in a row for a while now.

But I'm not taking a BASH-free day. NO, Instead, I am working on a scenario for all you folks who would like to get a game of BASH going over the Holidays!

I sort of gave away the subject of the scenario in the title, but here is a bit more as a teaser:

Here you can find all the bonus content I have developed for 'The Mythos Society Guide to New England'.


Goodie Hallet, the Witch of Wellfleet

His Majesty - The Great Sea Serpent of New England

It was suggested to me that I post an index of BASH Hero Datafiles, so that people can get to them from one central digital location. So this is that, then.


Here they are in alphabetical order. I will edit the post to include new Hero Datafiles as I post them, so you can come here, and get to any of the datafiles.

A little while ago, Mike Varhola, the head honcho over here at d-Infinity, suggested that I write an introduction to explain my 'sudden' interest in things Runequest. I started to do just that, then came across this one that I wrote a while back. So instead of writing a new one, I thought, on Runequest Thursday, I might repost this one slightly modified and expanded.

Since the next d-Infinity Live show has the subject 'Research' why not peruse, abuse and contribute to this list of faded folios, quizzical quartos, and obscure octavos. Here are a bunch I have created for past campaigns I have run. More to follow. But feel free to throw some on the fires of speculation you own selves.


Using these and other books in your campaign: