If you play a fighter in an RPG, or even someone who fights as well as does other things, you might find some of the following of interest if you want to learn more about how fighting with swords, wearing armor, and riding horses really works. 

Art for this post by the fantastic Graham Turner!

I began this post to let you know that you can now read the entire poem of Beowulf, all 3182 lines of it,  directly from the digitized manuscript. You can see scanned copies of the original pages of the compilation document [bound with several unrelated documents from roughly the same period] in the 17th century for the scholar Sir Robert Bruce Cotton, or possibly his son.

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Often in the early part of the week I post something KMotC-related that I have been working on, a datafile, a world description or some rulesy-thingy. This week, I have not been doing that sort of work, but I have got something to talk about.

Your players have probably stumbled upon the aftermath of a battle once or twice in their stories careers. Was it a legendary battlefield of old, of which tales are told, now haunted by the shades of those who fell there? Was it the remains of a recent engagement in an ongoing conflict. Were the heroes there for a reason, perhaps to find a particular ghost, or a fabled, weapon? Or did they simply happen upon a plain strewn with bones? Perhaps most importantly, what did they find there?

So a while back, my wife and I were discussing Runequest and my Brightwater Campaign. Yes, I am one of the lucky ones who has a significant other who games - Penny has gamed for as long as I have known her [over thirty years now]. I may even have had a hand in turning her to the dark side originally - I think I was playing in the very first games she joined. She has been one of my most continuous, reliable and enjoyable players ever since.

Lately, I have not had as much time as I would like to work on Knights-Marshal of the Commonwealth. This is partly due to me running to the hospital daily to help an ill family member, but also because of the serious prep that the Skirmsher/ d-Infinity team are making for our annual pilgrimage to Comicpalooza, Houston's wildly popular expo of comics, games, geek culture and more.