Happy 150th Canada!

Last week I posted the blog in which I reviewed the RPG Mutant Crawl Classic.

Call this blog a clarification, or explanation, apology, cop-out, whatever you desire.

That particular review has generated a lot of controversy because of the one statement I made… I fucking hate the art.

I had a lot of people comment on the various FB pages where I posted the review, and all were shocked by my simple statement.

It was nearly a year ago I backed the Mutant Crawl Classic Kickstarter. It was successfully funded in July 2016, with the book to be released approximately around August 2017.

First a little background information. Mutant Crawl Classic is an OSR post-apocalyptic game, which is fully compatible with Goodman’s Dungeon Crawl Classic game. In fact one of the selling points for the game is how they are 100% compatible.

Sorry for the lack of a blog over the past few weeks. It’s the usual reason – I honestly did not have all that much to talk about!

Oh before I get into the meat of the blog, the video version can be found here.

This week I have a few things on my mind, and I’m hoping to have another blog up on Sunday or maybe early next week as I will have a few topics to touch on, but I don’t feel like making another 35 minute long blog!

Much to my surprise I have something to talk about this blog. So much so, this blog is nearly three times as long as my average blog tends to be.

It’s been at least a month since I last wrote a blog, and I really doubt anyone will have noticed! Then again I didn’t have anything of importance to say, so I figured people, the few who actually read by blog that is, were getting tired of the same old, same old.

What exactly is my same old?

Pretty straight forward. I speak about the work I did, if any, during the week. I talk about the various projects I’ve worked on and post links to anything I added to the site.

This week saw me working on and off on the Monk Magic items book. Specifically the belts. It has been a slow and tedious task, and I am very sure there are plenty of people who would argue with me over the math of the project.

Still, twenty belts with their corresponding benefits and prices have been completed and I posted them earlier on Sunday as the next preview for the book.