Preview!: The Mutant Race for d∞ Vol. #4

William T. Thrasher

The Dark Future. The moment when the thrill off exploration becomes the fear of discovery, when hope for the future becomes despair. This is the theme for d-Infinity Volume #4, and with that in mind we are proud to give this early look into one of the articles you'll be seeing in the near future.

Mutants have long been a staple of fantasy and science fiction, from the alien monsters of  This Island Earth to the shambling hordes of Ralph Bakshi's Wizards to the strangely beautiful outcasts of Clive Barker's Nightbreed. All too often cast in the roles of villains and monsters, d-Infinity Volume #4 gives players the opportunity to play mutants of all types with rules for mutant player-characters for the Pathfinder system and illustrations by Josh Routt.

Mutants are created much like other player-characters, though their ability scores tend to the extreme, both high and low, to reflect the unpredictable and varied potential. What sets mutants apart from other races are mutations, physical deformities which confer unique powers, abilities, and detriments. d-Infinity Volume #4 details 30 mutations (20 beneficial, 10 detrimental) which players can use to customize their mutant PCs and create the inhuman creature they truly wish to play.
While mutants begin play with two mutations (one beneficial, one detrimental), they can acquire more as they gain levels and experience. Whenever a mutant qualifies for a Bonus Feat after 1st level, it may forgo the Bonus Feat and take a new beneficial mutation in its stead. But there is a risk. Each new beneficial mutation taken carries with it the possibility of a new detrimental mutation.
But what are these mutations and how will they change your mutant? You need to pick up d-Infinity Volume #4 to find out!