Oddities for a Sewer System

William T. Thrasher

Tom Lehrer once said, "life is a sewer. What you get out of it depends upon what you put into it." We gamers - by and large - to fill our sewers with giant rats, ghouls, nefarious cults, and all manner of frightful, violent things. But that's only a small fraction of what adventurers might find while wondering through endless sewer passages, ankle-deep effluent. With that in mind, d-Infinity is proud to present another ever growing, ever evolving collection of oddities in the tradition of Clint Staples. If you're party is wandering in the sewers, just roll on the table below to determine what they find.

  1. A man-sized lump of congealed fat. Equal chance of being found stuck to the sewer floor, walls, or ceiling.
  2. 4d6 rats, their tails tangled together. Roll d% to determine percentage of rats still alive.
  3. A section of sewer wall made from human skulls held together with mortar.
  4. A fist-sized ball of accumulated detritus and filth. At the center of the ball is a coin (equal chance of silver, gold, or platinum). For modern settings, the core of the ball is a crumpled bill (equal chance $5, $10, $20, or $50).
  5. A sprung deadfall trap designed to cause part of a supporting arch to fall upon a hapless victim. Pinned under the deadfall is either the corpse of an incompetent trap maker or the remains of a monstrous inhabitant of the sewer.
  6. A complicated symbol scratched or painted onto the wall. Equal chance each of being a gang sign, thief sign, hobo sign, cult symbol, or common graffiti.
  7. Two battered chairs on either side of a small table. Atop the table is a bottle of wine (equal chance or being empty, full, or half-full).
  8. A collection of 3d4 pairs of shoes stacked in an alcove. Equal chance each of being men's, women's, or children's shoes.
  9. A scrap of note drifting along in the sewage flow. The written on the scrap is the name of one of the adventurers, the name of an important NPC, or the address of a specific building within the city above.
  10. A cluster of luminous mushrooms. Their eerie green glow provides enough light by which to read.

And that's only the beginning. In the coming days this list of oddities will expand as other d-Infinity contributors and myself add new unusual objects, freaky finds, and dire discoveries. And feel free to add your own as inspiration strikes.