Oddities are Real

William T. Thrasher

Oddities are real!

Let me back up.

Last week my wife's great aunt purchased a used car. Just a little four cylinder job for running errands around town. Nothing too fancy. The kind of vehicle you'd expect to see on its side and on fire after the apocalypse. I can only assume the used car dealer was the usual shady type with a few extra skill points spent in Bluff, because the vehicle didn't have that used showroom detailing you'd expect. So my mother in law spend this weekend assisting with a clean up effort. And wouldn't you know it, under the passenger seat she found something right out of Chris Van Deelen's Oddities for a Found Car. As if rolled up by the dice of the gods she found a prescription pill bottle containing five rifle bullets.

Why a prescription bottle full of ammunition was stashed in the car we may never know. I leave it to future generations to track down the bottle's owner. But I'll always remember the day I got a call from a baffled mother in law describing an random item I wish I had come up with for one of my own tables.