Index of Practical Magic

William T. Thrasher

Like its companion The Nuisances Spell Index, the Index of Practical Magic is an evolving list of spells first seen on d-Infinity. Specifically, it is a list of down-to-earth, utilitarian magic first crafted by sages more concerned with the mundane concerns of the day rather than adventuring. However, such spells can be of great use to adventurers, because even in the wildest of times, someone has to sew buttons on vests, fetch water from the well, and take out the trash.

Absorb Contaminant (Pathfinder)

Animate Chains (Pathfinder)

Armor Up (Pathfinder)

Armor Up, Mass (Pathfinder)

Dehydrate Ooze (Pathfinder)

Golden Silence (Pathfinder)

Martinizing Touch (Pathfinder)

Navigator's Map (Pathfinder)

Neutralize Acid (Pathfinder)

Oath of Silence (Runequest)

Preserve Food and Drink (Pathfinder)

Repel Insects (Pathfinder)

Vacuum Hand (Pathfinder)

Wood Whispers (Pathfinder)

Check back for updates and new practical spells are written and added to the index.