If You Aren't Going To Say Zombie...

William T. Thrasher

If you've been watching, reading, riding, tasting, or otherwise experiencing modern horror and occult adventure for the past few years you're likely well aware of the tend of zombie stories where no one calls a zombie a zombie. I'm rarely satisfied by explanations for this trend. Frankly, I find it harder to believe in a zombie story is set in a world where zombie all zombie lore doesn't't exist than I do believing zombies might show up and kill me in the real world. But, despite all this, the creators of modern zombie tales insist upon giving the shambling undead cutesy and increasingly improbably nicknames. Well, William "Big T" Thrasher wants a piece of the pie! With that in mind, he's my short list of alternative names for zombies for zombie writers who don't want to call zombies zombies.

  • Reanimen
  • Necroids
  • Code-Zs
  • Amblers
  • Shamblers
  • Midnight Ramblers
  • Rots
  • Liam Ghoulaghers
  • Neurovores
  • Chompers
  • Consumptors
  • Necropuncts
  • Gulps
  • Posthumans
  • Composters
  • A.B.Zs
  • Micheal Tanners