d50 Shades of Grey: An Obligatory Post to Cash-in on the Zeitgeist

William T. Thrasher

50 Shades of Grey! It's on everybody's tongue. It's been accused of being tawdry, trashy, regressive, and a work of the most extreme hackery. Whether you love it, hate it, or love to hate it, articles about it transcend the realm of clickbait to become clickchum, and we here in d-Infinity want a slice of the pie! And if nothing else, we want the opportunity to prove we can be at least as tawdry and trashy as E. L. James master(bate)work. But we're also all about gaming, so feast your peeping eyes and get your rosey palms of this collection of gaming content charitably inspires buy a movie based on a novel based on a work of fanfiction inspired by a movie based on a novel that probably shouldn't have been written in the first place.

Do you long for the caress of leather and the kiss of the whip? Bone up on the art of bondage with the new spell animate chains, a potent rune that makes any spellcaster a master/mistress of restraint. Perhaps you'd rather have forty whacks with a lubed noodle? Experiment with whip sword, a spell that combines edgeplay with the classical implement of erotic discipline. Or simply give into the pleasure of your many senses with the blindfold of senses and sensuality.

While other characters dress for success, you can ensure everyone in your presence dresses for play with magic circle against clothes, a spell sure to raise a few eyebrows even as it drops a few trousers.

Two's company, three's a crowd, four's a well-balanced adventuring party, and any more than that and you have the makings of an orgy you'll never forget. Call up a cadre of succubi and inccubi with summon infernal harem and reap the hedonistic rewards of dark sorcery. When you go down, you can't go down further than the seven hells!

Let the rich, velvety voices of your favorite fine d-Infinity contributors school you in the ways of love in a special episode of d-Infinity After Dark.

Do you desire to be taken and crushed with someone's love? Prepare to face the irresistible force of the Amazonian snu-snus, a tribe of sexually dominant women for your Mutant Future campaign.

Any erotic act sharpened with the heady thrill of risk brings the possibility of consequences. Staff physician Eric Lis has a few things to say about one risk in particular in Love Bites.

Perhaps you like your play wet, slick, and slippery. If so, explore the limitless possibilities offered by all fifty shades of gray ooze.

But all the sensual delights of this world are nothing without a voluptuary wherein they can be explored. All one needs to do is call up Layingman's Love Shack, and all the comforts of home and dungeon are yours. But Layingman was both shrewd and slick, and also craft spells for the day-to-day sensualist, such Layingman's Lubrication.

And that's only the beginning! Check back for erotic content updates daily, or at least until the hype runs out.