d-Infinity Live: Series 4 Preview

William T. Thrasher

In a secret chamber buried deep beneath the foundations of our compound in the Western Wyldlands, the inner circle of d-Infinity toils away preparing future episodes of d-Infinity Live. What does the future hold for the multi-platform, multi-publisher gaming webcast? Read on, and enjoy the list of topics we're covering in 2015!

  • Stump The Chumps
  • The Freakshow
  • Advanced GMing Secrets
  • Epic Campaigns
  • Secret Societies
  • We're All Monsters Here
  • Props & Game Aids
  • Miniatures, Models, and Terrain
  • The Law!
  • Gaming Horror Stories 2: The Quickening
  • The Impossible
  • Gaming in Public
  • Table Manners
  • Generational Campaigns
  • Time Travel (with special guest Amanda Kahl, creator of Age of Night)
  • Dice, Cards, and other Randomizers
  • Post-Apocalyptic TV
  • Let's Play Humans

And of course this will all be interspersed with special live gaming episodes and the occasional bonus episode. If there are topics you'd like us to tackle or subjects you'd like to submit, let us know in the comments.