Coming Up On d-Infinity Live!

William T. Thrasher

In a secret chamber buried deep beneath the foundations of our compound in the Western Wyldlands, the inner circle of d-Infinity toils away preparing future episodes of  d-Infinity Live. What does the future hold for the multi-platform, multi-publisher gaming webcast? Read on, and enjoy the list of topics we're covering in the second half of 2015!

Our Campaign Worlds - We share the home-brewed campaign settings we designing for publication and our own amusement.

Savages - A look at non-civilized characters and monstrous races.

House Rules - A look at house rules and why every game needs them.

The Family Game - Character pregnancy, childbirth, and growing families in tabletop campaigns.

It's a Conspiracy - Conspiracies and conspiracy theory in tabletop campaigns.

Nobles and Peasants - High-born and low-born characters and roles in RPGs.

Looking Down from Heaven - Celestial realms, afterlives for good souls, and paradise realms.

Original Sins - Mistakes, bad choices, and campaign-wrecking things that can only happen during character creation.

Purple Pills - A look at drugs, recreational or otherwise, in tabletop settings.

We Are Werewolves - Werewolves, lycanthropes, and skin changers.

Evil Overlords - A celebration and exploration of domineering villains wielding vast power and motivated by grand ambitions.

The Multiverse - Campaigns that transcend time, space, and the conventional dimensions.

Under The Sea - Aquatic campaigns, undersea adventures, sunken cities, and amphibious characters.

The d-Infinity ESPerience - Psychic powers, psychotronic technology, and psi vs. magic in RPGs.

Way Out West - The wild west in tabletop gaming.

Campaign Forge - The hosts create original campaigns based on viewer suggestions.

We, Robots - Robots, androids, A.I.s, and mechanical characters.

Fortune Telling - Oracles, prophesies, and prognostication in tabletop gaming.

Everything Except Zombies - A look at lesser known undead monsters. If it isn't a zombie or a vampire, we've got it covered!

Hacking, Cracking, & Data-Jacking - Computers, hackers, and information technology in tabletop gaming.

Mashup Remix - Hybrid settings, genre mashups, and settings with a twist.

Our G.O.A.T. - The hosts share their favorite RPGs, settings, gaming accessories, and all the things they consider the greatest of all time.

Universal - An exploration of systems that claim to be universal, generic, or applicable to any setting or campaign.

Insider Art - A look at art within campaign settings, from artistic PCs, art-based quests, to art produced by fictional cultures.

Man/Woman - Playing characters with genders different from the player's own.

Controversy! - Controversies in gaming, from the D&D satanic panic of the 80s to the crooked kickstarters of today.

Podcast Roundup - Learn how the sausage is mage, find out what makes a great gaming podcasts, and learn about some of our favorites.

G-g-g-ghosts! Ghost and other departed spirits in RPGs as NPCs, PCs, and important parts of storytelling.

R-r-r-remix! - Viewers challenge hosts to re-pitch classic campaign settings, but with one significant change!

Weird Games - We examine the strangest games out there, including obscure favorites suggested by our audiance.

Bonus Eats - Food in tabletop gaming, from cannibal cults to snacks you like to have at the table.

At Least We Tried - Games and campaign settings we tried to love, gave a fair chance, but they just weren't for us.

Fantasy Sports - Athleticism, contests, and competitions in tabletop games.

Allies, Contacts, & Sidekicks - A look at NPCs that aide the party.

Team Dynamics - How do you bring a party together, keep it working as a unit, and everything that keeps people working together of drifts them apart.

The Worst Game Pitches - Horrible pitches that kept us from playing great games.

Yes, And? - Improvisation and how to turn thinking on your feet into an art form and a tool for better gaming.

Monster Hunters - A look at running a good monster hunting scenario or camping, giving vampire slayers real bite, and bringing out your players' inner Van Helsing.

Nature's Way - A look at druids, pagans, and practitioners of nature-based faiths in tabletop gaming.

By Your Command - Exploring game settings, systems, and campaigns where the party is in command of countless NPCs. Getting players into that leadership role, making thousands of subordinates real characters and not just a bully number, and the rewards and consequences of leadership

The Magic Goes Away - A look at settings and campaigns where magic is a limited resource, rare, or running out. From wizards who use up their daily allotment of spells to campaigns where magic is truly dying.

Smart Swords & Dumb Phones - A look at intelligent items, from singing swords to blasters equipped with experimental AI.

Alienology - A look at playable alien races in SciFi games. How to make them truly alien and more than just a human with funny ears, how to bring inhuman cultures to life, and getting into the mindset of a creature that tastes color and breaths cosmic background radiation.

Metal on Meat - Exploring cybernetics in SciFI games, the powers, perils, and potentials of augmenting the human body with mechanical components.

Space Fantasy - The intersection between fantasy and science fiction, where starships and sorcery combine.

Good Luck to You - A look as blind luck and random chance in tabletop games. From player superstitions to luck mechanics to fate tokens.

The History of History - A look at historical settings. From gaming in historically accurate period settings to playing in the past with a supernatural or SciFi twist.

Rats! - From wererats to plague rats to giant rats to rats of the usual size, we look at the rodents that are always infesting the basement at the tavern in fiction, myths, and gaming.

Stay Put - Campaigns where questing heroes are expected to stay in one place.

Konichiwa, Niches - Our hosts talk about their favorate niche RPGs they they love but most people have never played or heard of.

Give Us Paws - A look at anthropomorphic characters and campaigns, from comical cartoon animals to genetically engineered cat people to worlds where humanoid animals have displaced humans.

The Song remains the Same - Music! From settings based on song lyrics, music within the game, and bards.

Return of the Revenge of the Rise of Cliché - A look at the tropes and cliches of fantasy and scifi and when we embrace, reject, and subvert them.

For Want of the Nile - Egyptian art, culture, and myths in table top gaming. This ain't your daddy's mummy!

Beating Combat to Death - A whole episode dedicated to combat encounters, violence, and bloodshed!

Authors - A tribute to the writers that have influenced our gaming and game design the most.

The Unuseful - A look at classes, skills, races, and equipment commonly written off as useless.

Let's Play Elves - A look at playing the overachieving, condescending jackasses of high fantasy.

Beauty - A look at games and systems that mechanically quantify beauty and physical attractiveness.

Anti-paladins - A look at the dark knights who haunt the dark night!

Nectre of Death - A look at poisons and toxins.