Old Game Notebook: Scrubbing Bubbler, et al

Michael O. Varhola

* Scrubbing Bubbler, et al (8.5 x 11 sheet of binder paper, from 1982 or 1983, for the gaming group I was part of at Carson Long Military Academy. One of our buddies had some hygiene issues and as part of trying to both give him a hint and screw with him we stat'ed up a bunch of cleanliness-oriented monsters, including the Scrubbing Bubbler and Mr. Clean Himself. This is clearly a monster that would be well adapted for use in a swarm, as per the current edition of the rules.) 


Scrubbing Bubbler
HD: 1 hp
AC: 10
No. App: 2-20+10
Move: 15"
Size: S (3' high)
#A: 1
D: 1-2

As part of my ongoing struggle to keep Skirmisher HQ/my home office under control, I have decided that it is time to do something with the hundreds of pages of handwritten game rules, ideas, and other content that I have been compiling for decades. Some of this material, in fact, goes back more than 30 years, to when my friend George and I were developing our "Skirmish Wargaming Rules." And, when I began playing D&D in 1982, the notebooks, index cards, and scraps of paper with notes and stats increased exponentially. Some of that material has ended up in one form or another in various Skirmisher products, of course, but much of it has sat fallow for many years. So, with an eye to getting some fresh use out of it, I will be incrementally posting it here -- and then disposing of the hardcopy originals. Material will be presented in the order I discover or feel like keying it in. And I reserve the right to correct misspellings and add punctuation and the like!