Looking 12 Months Into the Future

Michael O. Varhola

A New Year is always an exciting time for me and gives me an opportunity to assess the things I have done over the previous 12 months and to set goals for the coming 12. I am always, admittedly, a bit overambitious in my projections, but that is not necessarily a bad thing, and if I manage to do half of what I hope to then that is usually still more than good enough. 

Last year was a good one for Skirmisher Publishing LLC, for which I serve as publisher, and d-Infinity, for which I am the editor-in-chief, and that has helped lay the groundwork for much of what I want to accomplish in 2016. Following are several of those things -- including two that happened before I even had a chance to post this piece! 

* On January 4, my City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communties, which I co-authored with my friend Jim Clunie and under the guidance of Gary Gygax himself, became Skirmisher's first Gold Best Seller on the DriveThruRPG retail site. Having our titles start to advance to this status was one of our goals for this year and it was an auspicious start to 2016 to have it occur so immediately.  

* Also on just the fourth day of the year, Skirmisher became one of the top 15 publishers listed on the homepage of DriveThruRPG. We have long been among the top 30 vendors on this leading retail site and expected to move up into those that appear on its front page and are, suffice it to say, pleased to have "leveled up" in this way so quickly. 

* Release one new Skirmisher publication a week. This is a significant challenge, even if we are not talking about major sourcebooks, and one we try to accomplish each year, having released as many as three dozen in one year. 

* Make one new blog or website post a day and at least one a week here at d-Infinity Online.