Gen Con Thanks and Acknowledgments

Michael O. Varhola
I would very much like to thank the many people who made Gen Con as successful and enjoyable as it was for Skirmisher Publishing LLC, our d-Infinity multi-platform game magazine, and me personally. These include:  * Matt Beman, Mike Olenik, Steve Strnad, and Steve Olk of Armorcast, whose booth we shared.   * Booth babes Dillo Chan and Emily Harris, who did a terrific job representing Skirmisher and its line of products.   * Will Thrasher, Jason Arons, and Michelle Yunker of Kettle of Fish Productions, which organized and ran our events for us this year.    * All the terrific authors and artists we are currently working with, among them Ken Spencer, who is developing the Interplanetary role-playing game; Clint Staples, who authored our Mythos Society Guide to New England; and Amanda Kahl, who is one of the primary artists for d-Infinity (and who also stood in as a booth babe).   * Thrasher, the editor-at-large for d-Infinity, was also indefatigable in promoting the publication and getting it into the hands of potential advertisers and co-publishers.   * It was also great to see people I only get to spend time with once or twice a year, most notably my friends Jonathan Reichman, Rico Nardini of Play Unplugged, and Jarred Wallace of Dagon Industries. Also great to reconnect with people I have not seen in several years, among them Owen Pierce!     * Many friends who have been at Gen Con in past years were also unable to make it to this one for various reasons and they were missed. These included Brendan Cass, Oliver Cass, Robert "Mac" McLaughlin, Roberto de Moraes, and Geoff Weber.    To the extent Gen Con 2011 was a success it is thanks to the people mentioned above, as well as all the great fans and customers that interacted with us at our booth, events, and elsewhere throughout the con! (See Gen Con 2011: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, for our most recent experience at this convention.)