Con on the Cob: Day 2

Michael O. Varhola

HUDSON, OHIO -- Had a great second day here at Con on the Cob!
An early highlight for me and Will Thrasher was running our "Meet d-Infinity Magazine" seminar where we told attendees about how we are fulfilling our vision for a multi-platform, multi-publisher game publication. We spent a big part of the rest of the day, off and on, chatting with people at the d-Infinity  booth and rep'ing its various co-publishers, including ArmorcastDagon Industries, Inc.Dark ThreadsFlying Buffalo Inc.MindGame ProductionsOffworld DesignsSkirmisher Publishing LLCSonic Legends, and the United States Marine Space Corps. 
In the evening we attended a cool party thrown by An Con, the sister convention to Con on the Cob, and spent a great evening chatting with all sorts of interesting people. I especially enjoyed the time I spent talking with Heather Hopp, wife of con organizer Andy Hopp, and with a new friend, Jason, who just happened to be up at this con from New Braunfels, Texas, just 25 miles from where I live! 
Can't make it too late of a night tonight because we have got two seminars tomorrow, want to spend some time making ourselves available at the booth, and have got a full three parties tomorrow night!