A Birthday Gift for My Friends

Michael O. Varhola

Wanted to thank all my friends for their wonderful birthday wishes and invite them to celebrate with me by giving away a copy of my swords-and-sorcery fantasy novel Swords of Kos: Necropolis to anyone who would like it! To obtain a free download of it, just follow the link below, which will automatically set you up to download it for free through the DriveThruRPG.com retail site: 


That link will be good for a couple of days and you will need to be logged on to DriveThruRPG or any other OneBookShelf site before clicking on the link in order for it to work properly — and if you do not already have an account will need to set one up. 

If you enjoy Necropolis, please take a moment to post a rating for it on its DriveThruRPG.com page, or a couple moments more to post a few sentences about it. You can also read the sequel to it, Return to the Necropolis, in serial form right here at d-Infinity Online! And if you have already read Swords of Kos: Necropolis, just let me know and I will gladly send you something else instead!