John F. Kadolph Begins Writing Short Follow-Up Adventure to 'Nagfa'!

John F. Kadolph

Greetings fellow adventurers and friends!

The Kickstarter has been fully completed and my retail management hell is over, at least until next holiday season.  I finally had a chance to sit down and write  the introduction to the short follow-up adventure to Rise of The Cult of Nagfa. 

This adventure will take place between the first module and the second module.  A "1.5" you could say.  I hope to have it complete and published by May when I will begin to write the story for the second major adventure in the Zinovian Adventure Series, with a current working title of "The Horror of Nagfa". The second module will likely also be completed as a Kickstarter project but will only be initiated after the entire module is written and post-production is about to begin.  NO LATE FINISH for this one.  

Here is the rough introduction as it currently stands, and may change depending of the circumstances:

Return to the Temple of Nagfa

Four months have passed since you and your companions vanquished the evil that was present in the notorious Temple of Nagfa.  Upon your return, you were regarded as heroes of the realm and have reaped the rewards.  Unfortunately, you still feel uneasy.  There are still questions being raised as to the effectiveness of your campaign against the denizens of the swamp and the Temple. 

Where is the hag Vexxin?  Did she escape the Temple or did she merely crawl into some hiding place and wait for the party to leave?  What of the ominous message by the Behowler Golem she sent to disparage the heroes?  Perhaps the most daunting question; what happened to the body of Atticus TouDia?

All of these questions and more will be answered as the heroes return to The Temple of Nagfa.

Mayor TouDia has once again summoned your party of stalwart heroes with a bid to locate a very unique object and return it to him.  The object was rumored to be in the possession of the troll known as Nagfa centuries ago and the Mayor believes that it still resides with his corpse deep within the Temple.

Undoubtedly, treasure remains in the Temple.  The Mayor has no interest in treasure.  He merely wants a singular object.  The Dimoctulon, an eight-sided object that when completed by all of its wedges, allows passage from one plane to another.  Each wedge contains the power to send creatures one way from a single plane to another, and to one that has mastered its power, to any demi-plane adjoining its master.

The last time the Dimoctulon’s power was witnessed, three powerful evil creatures from different planes converged upon the prime material plane with the intent to destroy the plane’s most powerful wizards and enslave the realm.  Having just three wedges of the Dimoctulon together was so powerful that the very fabric of space was torn and threatened reality as it was known. 

Mayor TouDia wants your group to return to the Temple, locate Nagfa’s sarcophagus, retrieve the wedge of the Dimoctulon and return it to him where he will see that it is properly contained and protected from the evil that would use it against the realm.