Final Cult of Nagfa packages to Ship Thursday!

John F. Kadolph

Greeting fellow adventurers and friends!

Everyone's packages have been packed and are ready to ship!  Unfortunately, I have to work today from before the post office opens till after it closes. 

It has been an incredible adventure for me and I hope that Rise of the Cult of Nagfa is an incredible adventure for all of you as well!

Once again, let me thank everyone who was involved and contributed to this effort.  If you like the adventure and materials, please tell your friends and fellow gamers.  It is now available in digital format on and in print on Accessory packets including two poster maps, four handouts and the map of Athiktos are available by contacting me at

The accessory packets are an incredible way to enhance the game with a battle map of the Complex of Nagfa and a regional poster of Zinovia that will come into play more heavily in the next two installments of the Zinovian Adventure Series and eventually the Regional Campaign Setting.  The handouts which consist of the "Hear Ye! Hear Ye!" flyer, the double-sided lost journal entry, the "bloody rag" discovery, the player's map of the complex of Nagfa and the color postcards which serve as handouts showing special areas and characters of the module. The accessory packet will sell for $15. 

There are also a VERY limited number of counter sets still available for purchase in the same manner and include 10 large counters: 6 large frog swarms, Nagfa, the flesh golem of Vexxin, a Boggard Swamp Lord on a riding lizard and "Cheffie's" wagon.  It also includes 40 small counters: 20 small frog swarms, 5 giant frogs, 2 Mongrelman Clerics, 6 Grippli Vicars, Vexxin Gahgob, the Behowler Golem, Kane Grelmar, Cheffie, Sophia TouDia, Atticus Toudia, and a mysterious hooded figure.  Most of the counters feature exclusive artwork and all but one are full color.  The counter sets are available for $10.

Once you receive your package, please review it for content accuracy and if anything is missing, please contact me immediately.  I made every effort through checklists to ensure that everyone got what they pledged for, but if anything is amiss, let me know.

If everything checks out and you are happy with the adventure, please evaluate or review it on and if you have an Amazon account, you could really help me out if you review it on as well.  Soon I will have a link up for it on other various RPG sites and I will post the links for anyone who wants to review it there as well.

Funds raised through digital sales as well as on Amazon will help me recoup some of the costs of the project that exceeded budget and also help me pre-fund materials  for the next project!  

My FINAL update will be a video update and should hit within the next couple weeks.  I say "should" because we have a very special international visitor staying with us for several weeks coming up and we will be doing as much as we can to spend time with him while we can!  Until then, I look forward to hearing from many of you about the adventure and NEVER stop rolling the dice!

John F Kadolph