All Nagfa artwork is in and final layout is in progress!

John F. Kadolph

Fellow adventurers and friends,

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that all artwork is IN for Rise of the Cult of Nagfa,  and is being placed into the final layout.  This will take about a week to complete to get it right.  Also, I had to wait on the counter order until the final art pieces were in as well.  I am emailing the files to the die cutter AS I TYPE THIS UPDATE!  Once he gets them, checks them over and gives them the ok (about a week) he will print and cut them and ship them to me.

I know this was a long process, but I think you will all be happy.  The book that was supposed to be about a 50 page module is now a 100+ page module with lots of extras.

Now I need to get the rest of the counter files emailed and go to bed.  More information to come. Thanks for your patience and NEVER stop rolling the dice!

John F Kadolph

Image artwork by Andy Hopp.  Please see my Facebook for William T. Thrasher's awesome artwork!