New to d-Infinity!

Fox And Ox Creations

For my first post to the d-Infinity community, I thought I'd share our video that shows how to play the new RPG Cards & Quests and introduce myself!  I am part of the game studio Fox & Ox Creations.  I work with my husband, Todd Markello, to make games that we hope everyone can enjoy.

I am very happy to have our first game published by Skirmisher Publishing--thanks for giving us this opportunity Michael Varhola and Brendan Cass!! This new card based RPG has been a long time in the making for Todd and I.  

We first had the idea for Cards & Quests at the end of Gen Con 2011 (whoa, almost 4 years ago) after having a couple games turn at pivotal points due to horrible dice rolls. Of course, who hasn't had this happen to them?  During the after gaming high on the plane ride home, we started brain storming about what if we didn't use dice but something else.  We looked around and found in our bag a regular card deck.  We always try to carry one of these for travel and the one we had that time was a One Piece themed deck (Chopper and Monkey D. Luffy are my favorite characters, in case you are also a fan--who am I kidding, it's SOGEKING!!). We started playing around with the cards during the flight and that was the beginnings of Cards & Quests.  

We then pursued this general idea of a card based RPG through the years and had the most breakthroughs during our travels around China and then Europe.  That trip lasted about a year and 4 months. We had ample workshop sessions on boats, trains, planes, and buses.  We had play testing support from the other teachers in the program that we joined in Shenzhen, China and a lot of leisure time during our part time teaching jobs.  We moved back to Houston in October 2013 and finished up Cards & Quests during the past couple years with the help of our Texan friends.

All in all, it's been a wild ride to get to this point and we are excited to share this game with anyone wants to play it with us! To stay in touch, like us on facebook or follow us on twitter!

We will be demo-ing Cards & Quests in the coming months:

  1. ComicPalooza at the Skirmisher Publishing Game Pavilion
  2. ApolloCon, June 19-21 at the events there

I hope to meet you at one of these events in the coming months!!


--Allison, the Ox of Fox & Ox Creations