DM Notes #2

DM Fitzgerald

Last time we talked we looked at the game systems that the world of Mper had been run under, this goes back to the idea that they world is itself is the main attraction of any campaign, not the rules. Mper was created totally by accident in a long forgotten art class as a way to make extra credit.

This map is the northern continent called Avalyn and is sometimesĀ used as the name of the world rather that the correct name Mper. The mapĀ isn't to scale, rather it is more to give the basic locations of important stuff. Maps are rare on my world and good maps are almost impossible to find.

Knowing where things are is a form of power that the kings and wizards are not interested in giving up, so maps are hard to find. Most people don't travel over ten miles from where they were born on Mper so they don't need a map, but adventurers do need maps if they are expecting to get places, so maps become part of the treasure and reward system.