DM Notes #1

DM Fitzgerald
  I was thinking about all of the systems my Mper/Avalyn campaign has been run under (in order): 1st Edition Arduin Arduin/hybrid Home brew 1 GURPS Homebrew II DCS 3.0 3.5 3.75 (Pathfinder)   Which reminds me that one of my favorite adventures "Light Without Shadow, Blade Without Edge" which is pretty independent of system, just a good twisty plot.   I always come up with of my best ideas while running a game, in the past i've kept a notepad nearby so i can jot down stuff that came up in the middle of an adventure.  I decided that I wanted to run something epic, but something that still had a defined beginning, middle and end and I wanted it to be tied to my world, but accessible to others. A basic idea with a lot of input by the players.   The other spin was that I wanted to run this at conventions, which brought with it all kinds of problems. I figured that the hardest thing would be time. My world has been running as a campaign since the late seventies, it moves along at a leisurely pace and isn't easily broken up into bite sized pieces (on purpose).    Sketching out the beginning middle and the end of a campaign was one thing, each of the pieces of the game also had a beginning middle and end as well. I divided each module into pieces, 1 hour of rp and such with a lot of world flavor and then a small combat of about an hour, then a half hour of "flavor" another hour of combat and a quick wrap up. I've always felt that ending the game on a combat gives the adventure a nice conclusion.   So when you read Light Without Shadow, Blade Without Edge, you will notice that the game reads like an old time movie serial, with a combat usually ending the scene and the next one picking up several hours later.I   You can buy "light Without Shadow, Blade Without Edge here: