'Dead Things,' the Audio Stories

DM Fitzgerald

Zombie Audio Stories. I love radio plays and the idea of getting to do a couple of them for Dead Things was something I really wanted to do. The idea is to feature the characters and what they were doing before the game pick up as well as to before the game and to highlight new characters. Currently we are at episode 2. You can find them here: http://www.deadthingsgame.com/audio.html

Part 1 and Part 2 introduce you to the world of Dead Things and part 3 (coming up April 15th) will feature the character Clyde who is the heavy hitter shot gun guy from the game. Gary Rainer did a great job with post production and the professional voice talents of:

     Bernadette Guckin

     Justin Daube

     Peter Miller

     Gary Rainer

    They all helped bring the world of Dead Things to life (Undead?).

Another thing we have been able to do is add the Dead Deck, this deck throws a monkey wrench into the characters plans. Originally planned as part of the basic game the Dead Deck was held back. The extra time has given us a better feel for what we want to accomplish.

Here is a preview of the deck that will allow you to use some of the effects of the Dead Deck.

The Dead Deck (Free Version) Roll 1d6

1. The moving dead. For this phase, when the Add Zombies card comes up the zombies also move 1 space.

2. The strong dead. It takes only three zombies to break a door open a door or turn a car over.

3. Add Zombies. Add zombies on Phase 0 and Phase 1 spaces right now.

4. Lost. All characters lose a luck point and any gas or keys they are carrying.

5. Fast. Move the phase tracker 3 turns to the left (advance it 3 turns.)

6. They are Free. All doors to all buildings are unlocked.