Trinkets for Mutant Future

Derek Holland
One of the few things I like about D&D 5e is the table of trinkets, little dodads that might be a bit magical but usually aren't that are given to new characters. Rereading it and The Nightmares Underneath I was inspired to create a similar table for Mutant Future. I uses the tables in the 4th edition of Gamma World, The Revised Metamorphica, and The Nameless Grimoire (a supplement for The Nightmares Underneath) to build my table. The results are items that are generally useful in some way but may also have some flaws or issues that could be used by the Mutant Lord in designing encounters or adventures.
1) A glove that is stuck in the shape of a pistol. The extended finger is actually a putty gun but works only when the proper command word is spoken. It contains enough raw materials for another decade or so of constant use so it is doubtful the character will need to worry about restocking it.
2) A traffic light that has become semi-organic and covered in veins. The character stole it from their tribe, who want their oracle back very badly.
3) A Swiss Army knife with emerald chrome inlay. Most of its tools are intact and those that are are in good shape. Which tools are busted are predetermined by the ML.
4) A promotional pin of someone quite odd- a Pure Human that looks weak of body. Current PH and mutants double take when they see it.
5) A transparent ski covered in jokes. It is quite strong but brittle and the humor is very selective. Using them may add or subtract to an encounter check.
6) A monstrous toy train that glows crimson in the dark. It might be a replica of the Train of Doom in Quantum Flux. If so, its android masters may capture rather than kill the bearer of the trinket.
7) A jukebox that cackles half the time it should be playing music. The character bought it from a black market dealer.
8) An ugly bullhorn made from fungus. The sound it makes is clear and loud enough to draw monsters from miles away.
9) A metal cheese grater that slowly slides north whenever set on a flat surface and is warm to the touch. Those who can see heat may be able to discern its presence.
10) A folding powered flatbed cart that is wired to a backpack battery (that weights 15 pounds). It hovers and can hold up to 750 pounds without issue. More and it will stop working until repaired.
11) An electric toothbrush that extends its bristles like tentacles into the mouth and sprays what seems to be an unlimited amount of minty toothpaste when a button is pushed.
12) A shiny, new looking cash register that has the Ancient sign of Law on its side (an arrow pointing to the upper right). Followers of chaos want it demolished.
13) A joybuzzer that bellows as well as gives a stinging zap. It drains a power clip for every use.
14) A fishing rod that drips sea water. A gallon per day is created. Some fish people want it badly as they are addicted to the taste of the sea.
15) A dozen metal gears that are rubbery unless exposed to an electrical shock.
16) A misshapened children's book that has the odor of a wet tiger. Mutants of prey stock get nervous when they scent it.
17) An icy cone shaped stamp. Just use the controls on the large end and then tap it onto a surface with the small end to place letters/numbers or images. For some reason it is very cold and will cause frost bite if handled for too long without gloves.
18) An unulating laser printer that chimes the hour. It can not be used as a weapon without significant modification and power.
19) A file cabinet that hisses when opened, much like a serpent, and has armored sides. It has an armor class of 0 and 80 hit points.
20) Scuba gear that was apparently created for aliens. It creates a noxious gas that can keep a human alive underwater for 1d4+6 hours before needing to recharge its tank on the surface. The player is encouraged to come up with its fantastic appearance.
21) A coreless mouse that was rebuilt froma jumbled mess. Now it is a container for a valuable spice.
22) A slimy air freshener that is being tracked by a pair of android bounty hunters. They don't want the character, they want the trinket.
23) An iridescent harmonica with a mummified finger still attached. It may or may not be the character's ancestor that didn't survive the apocalypse.
24) A rubbery can of beans that glows when heated. Can be used as a flameless torch that lasts for hours.
25) A luminescent scout knife that is translucent. In bright light it is difficult to see.
26) A poisonous glove made of coiled brass. Fortunately for the character wearing it, the toxin is on the outside. Unfortunately for the character it only affects their species.
27) A flabby silver bracelet with the appearance of an ivy vine.
28) A glass sculpture of an industrial crane. It casts an oddly colored rainbow when illuminated.
29) A hazard light covered in spines that sheds dust when lit. The resulting cloud may aggravate allergies.
30) An ice pick that that the odor of moldy cheese. It acts as a verbally controlled calculator, thought its higher functions are suspect.
31) A withered plastic cord made from the fur of an mammoth synth. It can hold up to 150 pounds before breaking.
32) A reptilian crystal goblet that animates to take one of six different poses upon command.
33) A gorgous knife block that was partially dissolved by hostile nanotech. It was boring before and now is the envy of culinary robots.
34) A colorful photograph etched into the side of a pail. The image was taken during the cataclysm and some consider it morbid.
35) A bowie knife that oozes blood and has a mushroom cloud shaped handle.
36) A tubular soup bowl that coordinates with its bearer's clothing.
37) A soft drink bottle that has transmuted to bone and is unusually rugged.
38) A small hunting scope that enhances colors and textures even in low light conditions.
39) A sewing kit that works for most projects. Attempts to create writing always results in something incoherent. At least incoherent to the characters.
40) A basketball hoop that has an unusual rigidness to it. If struck against metal or stone it rings like a tuning fork. Each metal or mineral produces a different ring.
I love using random tables for things like this. So many seeds and hooks, so little effort. I hope you can use them as well.