Spell Synergy: Plant Growth

Derek Holland

A new series based on the spell synergy feats in Kobold Quarterly 18 (or any other source you might have on combining spells). Today I see what I can do by mixing Plant Growth with other spells.

Cure X spells can be used in either form of Plant Growth. With overgrowth, the result is a number of healing fruit, vegetables or heads of grain, which last for an hour. Each heals one hit point if eaten, so divide the number of points healed into an equal number of fruit (or less if the DM so rules). With enrichment, a single fruit, vegetable or head of grain results at harvest time that heals all the damage (it is also obviously different — larger, more colorful, glows, something). In this case, casting enrichment multiple times on the same field does have a benefit, as each casting produces one such healing food item.

Awaken in this case is not permanent, but rather insidious. It animates overgrown plants and gives them intelligence. Instead of attacking directly, the plants pick pockets, undo armor buckles, pull off helmets and such. The actions of the plants lasts for 1 minute per caster level.

Shrink Item is another insidious spell. What happens to someone wearing shrunken plate mail? A save is needed every round, failure results in one shrunken piece of gear. The effect lasts for one minute per caster level.

Ironwood is useful for those druids who want to keep other druids out. It makes woodland stride impossible in the overgrown area as well as slowing everyone's movement rate to an almost standstill (30 feet per minute for a standard humanoid).

Freedom of Movement is the opposite. It allows normal movement for everyone through the overgrown area. Druids use it to hide large things, yet do not want to impede visitors.

Move Earth in synergy allows the caster to keep vegetation stable while the ground is moving. It can also hide dips and other hazards.

Commune with Nature in synergy allow the vegetation to shape itself. If an oak could move, where would it place itself?

Spellstaff is used with Plant Growth to enchant trees, making a single staff hidden in plain sight.

Protection from Energy (or one of the similar spells) can be used with Plant Growth to make small structures that protect those within. Small as in 4-6 people per casting and they are cramped.

Bestow Curse is cruel beyond measure as it does not target the people walking through the overgrowth. Rather, it targets their gear. Even magic items may become cursed for a time (one hour per caster level) if the victim does not make a will save. Roll on the cursed items chart in the DMG.