My Baby Has Been Released!

Derek Holland

Basilisk Goggles & Wishing Wells is a collection of 572 magic items for Labyrinth Lord. I tried to cover as many subjects and fields as possible, so one will find enchanted stones (the first magic items in prehistory), Chaotic weapons, paper lanterns, alien technology, lich made items, clothing, a few arms and armor, tools, enchanted trees and so much more. Some are from my previous Fat Goblin work, but the majority are new.

My favorites include the Chaos Weapons IV, which results in patchwork foes, the Celestial Ioun Stones, which mimic actual celestial bodies and the Weather Vane, which summons Fortean events. Those are the ones that make me grin with all the possibilities they provide for a setting or adventure.

You can find the pdf version here: and a POD version will be released.