Mutant Future Creature- Black Root

Derek Holland

Here is an example of a mutant critter that taps a couple issues of Wisdom from the Wastelands (7, 20) as well as d Infinity #3.


Black Root

No. Enc.: 2d4 (5d10+50)

Alignment: Neutral

Movement: 90' (30')

burrow 60' (20')

Armor Class: 5

Hit Dice: 7

Attacks : 1 or 1 (root or weapon)

Damage: d4 + 3d6 or special

Save: L7

Morale: 6

Hoard Class: XII


The black root is a plant-like creature that came through a plane shift gate about 40 years ago. They came through on their own, using their own mutation. It is thought that someone revealed the location of Mutant Future in the multiverse to them and they are escaping something. The initial band has reproduced successfully and now there is a fairly large community of the creatures. They live in the soil, tunnelling to find good sources of water. To gain access to light, they have created "port holes", windows of super strong plastic that cover openings on the surface. Some are transparent but most are simply translucent and that makes observing the roots impossible, well except for movement.


A black root is 4-6' long and 1-3' tall. It has small, dark diamond shaped leaves; bark with cork-screw shaped spines and a long root covered in blisters. It has something like eyes at both ends and is usually seen wearing goggles on both sets. These items triple the distance of their night vision trait (to 120') and prevent blindess from bright light (the unaided night vision is poorer than that of a mutant's). Instead of hands, the roots have bunches of rootlets that act as fingers. These rootlets have an aura of purple energy that forms fractal shapes when the creature grasps something (and causes damage similar to energy-retaining cell structure). Occasionally they wear gloves filled with wires which increase the damage of their shock to 4d6. They also line some of their tunnels with the same wires, so that they can shock someone from a distance (max 100'). Black roots can also create a force field for protection, but it has an odd side effect. Everything within 10' of the creature is affected by a telekinetic pull with a strength of 8. Because of this, they keep all of their small stuff in containers when not in use. Their plane is obviously hostile to local life as every time a gate is opened, the area in front of it is exposed to a form of radiation that kills (treat as a class 16 poison).


The reason for the "invasion" isn't clear. Black roots seem to be constantly on the edge of starvation, though none have actually been found that have starved to death. Even in the middle of combat they stop to munch on soil or well decayed carcasses every few rounds. They can return to their home and apparently have done so because their community has gained much in alien technology since it was started. The roots don't have much contact with other races. They are not aggressive but don't seem that interested in trading or simple interaction. A few telepaths have been able to make contact, but in images rather than words. For now the black roots concentrate on digging deeper into the soil and making room for more young as well as bringing more tech from home. (What I am thinking is they are rebels and are using their base as a place to rebuild their numbers as well as get local artifacts that will work in their home universe. Eventually they will want to trade for weapons, armor and other gear. Unfortunately the other roots they are fighting may very well come to the world of MF and may even try to conquer it.)


Mutations: energy-retaining cell structure (surreal), force screen (telekinetic pull), night vision (crippled), plane shift, increased caloric needs (variant)