The Most Horrific Mutant Future Mutation

Derek Holland

It is getting to the time of the year for horror and I have been looking at the mutations lists for something to get under players' skin. Chris and I have created hundreds of them and yet the one I consider the most horrific is Animal Limbs or Organs, a plant mutation in the Mutant Future corebook. It allows any body part the player can envision and the ML allows. Of course for ML creations, the sky is the limit. Here are a few ideas for you to terrify your players with.

Chimeras can include trees with human(oid) torsos in some twisted parody of centaurs or other mixed creatures. The plant could hide its animal part behind leaves or within a trunk that splits at will. It may even act as a wolf in sheep's clothing (the monster from Barrier Peaks) and use the body part as a lure to draw carnivores.

Body pods do not hold duplicates, but rather creatures that will soon die after being released. They may scream, babble or wimper in disturbing ways. The bodies are meant to distract while the plant readies itself for the kill or escapes a greater predator.

Blood or tissue that is sprayed on creatures near the plant. This material contains a disease that uses the cinematic version of ebola (the virus doesn't really cause people to melt) or some other horror the Mutant Lord envisions.

Changlings as a form of reproduction. This merges with the Animate Seed mutation. Together they create babies that search for real children to consume and replace. When the creature grows to a certain age, it transforms suddenly into the parent species.

Fleshy fruit that tastes like human. This trains predators and occasionally people to enjoy the taste of human flesh, thus increasing attacks as well as making cannibals.

In some cases there is more animal tissue than plant. An apparent person with a tree growing out of their torso can be pretty horrific. Having roots visibly moving under the skin make turn some players green.

Brain tissue can hold mental mutations, but that isn't special as plants already have access to said mutations. What I was thinking of was a telepathic attack, one that rewrites the victim's memories. They become slaves to the plant and this effect can not be broken because it isn't ongoing (like Fragrance Development or Charm Person). Unless the character's mind was backed up somehow, they are forever lost.