Mechana Magic

Derek Holland

In at least a couple pdfs from Otherverse Games there is a race called the Mechana. I mentioned them in my favorite race list last year. They are living constructs that repair and modify the substructure of the universe. The idea is awesome and the racial traits decent but the execution of the actual repair and modification is very much lacking (GM's decision if there is any effect at all). Eh. So I have been tinkering with the idea, trying to give them access to proper spells to represent their abilities. I decided to go with Path Magic (ala Distant Horizon Games' free pdf with that title) and steal some ideas from the 2e sphere of Numbers (from the Tome of Magic) as well as use a couple from the SRD.

1 Locate Object. This may seem like an odd choice but the mechana are able to use their ability to see into the substructure and find specific patterns of objects.

2 Music of the Spheres. This is a Numbers spell that allows others to hear the gears of the substructure work. It is mesmorizing and inflicts a penalty to charm effects to all that hear the music.

3 Extradimensional Detection. Extradimensional spaces are blips in the substructure and really obvious to mechana when they look for such places. I am considering making this a racial trait and replacing it with Blink. The latter spell represents how mechana can move through the substructure rather than the Ethereal Plane.

4 Dimensional Folding. This is similar to Teleport but the downside isn't embedding oneself in the ground but rather aging (moving through time). The mechana don't actually react to the effects of aging so it doesn't matter to them. But anyone that travels with them may find more than a few grey hairs if they use this ability to get to somewhere the mechana has never seen. I am considering replacing this with Duplication, a version of the Numbers spell Addition that allows the temporary creation of objects and creatures that requires a model.

5 Extradimensional Manipulation. This allows the mechana to increase, decrease or even close extradimensional spaces. I would also allow it to increase the duration of the next spell. The spaces may be blips, but they are very handy blips when used correctly.

6 Extradimensional Pocket. This makes extradimensional spaces. I am going to add a few features that allow for different kinds of spaces- storage, survival, habitat and workshop.

7 Physical Mirror. This spell created a 10' diameter disc that reflects matter and energy (including spells). A simple, if difficult, manipulation of the substructure.

8 Spacewarp. This is a better version of Reverse Gravity. Instead of drawing everything up, the spell allows the caster to select the point where everything is drawn to. As it is 50' in diameter, it can cause a lot of creatures and objects to impact each other.

9 Gate. Mechana are found in all planes as all of them need repair from time to time. Gate is a manipulation of the substructure, forming holes between planes.

(As a spell path, these spells are restricted to mechana only, at least at the level indicated. Though I would keep the Numbers spells mechana only to show how really different they are from all other races.)

There aren't many magical items related to Numbers. As far as I can tell, it is just the flatbox, an extradimensional space built with knowledge of advanced geometry. I am going to add the warp stones from d Infinity 2 (my Material of Ancient Empires article).

Visiting a place where mechana have modified the substructure is sort of like entering a work of Escher but may have a time component as well as space.

I couldn't find exactly the right picture of gears that I wanted so think about a combination of both of these pictures. The first is a simple view of the substructure to human eyes and the second is how mechana see it.