I Hope You Are Enjoying the Superscience Artifacts

Derek Holland

Just a quick update. Recently I have been on a kick writing up more artifacts for Wisdom from the Wastelands and have added 26 new examples. By my count, there are 72 so far and I am hoping to reach 100 (so ~10 issues) by next year. Some are locations like the Palace of Bones from issue 44, but most are small and can be hauled around by the player characters, ready to inflict chaos upon the setting.

Speaking of Wisdom of the Wastelands 44, here is a new review: http://www.rpgnow.com/product_reviews.php?products_id=138299  5 stars and from someone who doesn't own Labyrinth Lord or Mutant Future.

For those of you looking for more superscience artifacts, I wrote some for dInfinity 6: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/130127/dInfinity-Volume-6-The-Mythos  though these are written in a very different style. That article also provides some suggestions and rules for alchemy in the wastes- the chemical reactions due to the pollution of the cataclysm, superscience gone bezerk and nanites that infest pretty much everything (though it doesn't need any of those to justify).