Halfling Magic

Derek Holland

I was thinking of kinds of magic to make the non-human races for the Labyrinth Lord RPG more fantastic. Oddly, the first idea I had was for halflings- the race I least pay attention to. The other races were easy (after I wrote down the ideas for halflings)- dwarves being able to determine where a diamond was mined from while observing it from 100 paces and enhancing metal armor and weapons for a few rounds per day, elves being able to communicate with plants and detect magic, both at will- but halflings are different for me. It hit me that they could have a variety of utility spells that relate to the hearth. So here are some suggested rules for the halfling class.

Halflings have the same capacity to cast spells as elves (i.e. they have the same chart) but have a very restricted spell list. These spells are drawn from the LL/AEC and other sources (and from multiple spell lists). I note those that are found in the other books. They all relate to making a safe place to live, even if it is a bit cramped. A few spells I altered the level as to allow halflings to cast them at all.

1st- Dancing Lights, Hold Portal, Light, Manipulate Fire, Metamorphosis Liquids (2e Tome of Magic, only water to alcohol or a cleaning agent), Purify Food and Water

2nd- Arcane Lock, Continual Light, Find Traps, Knock, Rope Trick

3rd- Remove Curse (object and location only), Tiny Hut

4th- Create Food and Water, Stone Shape, Leomund's Secure Shelter (2e), Mike's Leyingman's Love Shack spell: http://skirmisher.com/node/13779

5th- Guards and Wards, Leomund's Hidden Lodge (2e's Wizard Spell Compendium), Repel Vermin

Spells I was considering but then dropped- Animate Objects, Cure Light Wounds, Cure Disease (this was replaced with Repel Vermin), Resist Cold, Resist Fire, Wall of Stone

A few suggestions for new spells would include a 2nd level spell that cooks food to perfection, a 2nd level spell that cleans people and objects that enter a location, a 2nd level spell that keeps an are at a set temperature and humidity, a 3rd level spell that decreases the need for sleep, a 3rd level spell that allows people to sleep on almost any surface without harm or loss of sleep (rocks, nails- not lava or water), a 3rd level spell that attacks intruders, and a 3rd level version of Arcane Lock that makes keys that can be used to bypass it.

Another way would be to provide them the extradimensional space spell I mentioned here: http://skirmisher.com/node/785 (spaces) The player could come up with several versions of that spell before the campaign starts of levels 1-5 and get the GM's okay. In effect they gain a place to hide that is all but impossible for others to find. The higher the level, the more comfortable the space.