Diary of a Solo Druid- Part 3

Darin Hamel

Today I became a hero. Ok, not a hero, but I made some friends among the Hoplites. As I approached the edge of my valley, I heard the battle horn of my people. Of course, I rushed forth to help and found a Myrmidon squad surrounded by goblins. My Myrmidon brothers were trapped in the wreckage of the building I had accidentally burned down the day before. Three goblins were on the roof to the south and three more goblins were on the roof to the north. Before me, between myself and the Hoplites were three goblins firing arrows. I assumed more goblins were firing arrows from the other side of the building, because I was seeing arrows flying from that direction. I decided to sneak up behind the closest goblins. I did so and lined up my Thunder Wave spell. The spell went off perfectly and I shredded them. One was out of my range and I actually killed him with my cantrip, Produce Flame.

Next, I went into the house to the south that the goblins were firing from the roof. Instead of going to the roof and fighting them head on I fired my Produce Flame at the ceiling to set it on fire. After several tries I succeeded in setting the roof on fire. I heard the goblins jumping off the roof and when I left the burning house, the other goblins were fleeing. The now free Myrmidon squad were very grateful. They told me they had entered the valley to inspect the smoke they saw from the house I had burned the day before. I told them it must have been the goblins. Hahahaha.....