Diary of a Solo Druid- Part 2

Darin Hamel

Returning back to the submerged village seemed like a good idea. What loot could possibly be there? What heroics could I possibly bring tales back to my village about? So, in high spirits I returned to the village. On the way I found a rare herb called Mallow. Wandering around the village I found a boat tethered to a house. It looked like someone had tied up the boat and entered the house. I heard nothing, so I called out and got no answer in return. I then decided that it was a good idea to climb up to the second floor and peeked in the window. It was very dark, and it seemed that something was blocking my view. I used my Produce Flame spell to get a better look and it didn't help much, but it looked like some fibers were hanging from the ceiling and the walls and floors were covered with felt or something soft. I tossed the flame into the room to get a better look and the room burst into flames using what I imagine were spider webs as kindling.

After accidentally burning down the house I used the boat to float around the village using another spell called, Detect Magic and found nothing. I decided to enter the largest house and found little on the first floor. Upstairs I heard scurrying feet and decided I had had enough and was not prepared to face whatever creepy crawly was up there. I left the village, hid the boat and went home.