Diary of a Solo Druid (Part 1)

Darin Hamel

Actor is a Druid Myrmidon. Myrmidons are a race of people who began their existence as ants, but through the grace of Zeus became a human-like species. They have natural armor and are a bit stronger and hardier that true humans. Actor grew up in the Myrmidon settlement of Frourio Myrmidon on the island of Kos and is a member of the Dolichoder clan. His adventuring career began not far from home in a flooded ravine where he immediately got in over his head.


Day One

I went off looking for herbs and got a little lost in a small swamp area that used to be town before the cataclysm. Somehow, I accidentally found myself in a water submerged cemetery and attacked by a skeleton. Looking at the skeleton I thought fire would be my best option so I tried to fight using Produce Flame to destroy the undead abomination, and failed miserably. I cast Produce Flame at least three times as the skeleton slashed me with his ancient rusting sword. My one stroke of luck was not getting sneak attacked by the skeleton.

Contrary to how weak I had heard skeletons were, this battle was too much for me. I landed no fire on his dark, slimy form and I had to flee. In all, I think I counted 7 skeletons total as I fled. I also found no herbs, which was my original mission. While happy to be alive, I feel I failed somehow. At least now I know they are there and I can avoid them until I am more prepared.