Oddities - Chimerical Creatures - Expanded!

Clint Staples
OK. So this is a little nuts, but I decided that some of the chimerical crazies to be found on Wondermark right now should be turned into actual gamable material. So, borrowing a page from fellow d-Infinity author Chris Van Deelen, who has been providing folks with stats for post apocalyptic critters EVERY DAY for weeks and weeks now, I am going to try statting some of these chimera up.   For those who require it, the link to Wondermark again:   http://wondermark.com/   If you missed my initial post about Chimerical Oddities, you can catch up here:   http://d-infinity.net/blog/1156     Here is my process:   I will roll randomly to choose the critter. Why? If you have to ask, why are you playing games with dice to begin with.   To start, d100 for first or second table of Wondermark,’s terrific graphics, then on to a d5/5 system for vertical and horizontal orientation [Actually a d10/10, halving the results. I don’t own any d5s. Sue me.] to see which one gets chosen. Finally I will roll a d12 on the table below to determine the system for which the chosen chimera gets a write up. Why those systems? Why not? Also, I like, and know them reasonably well. Why a d12? Because d12s never get any love.   Roll 1d12: 1-4      BASH 5-8      Elric RPG 9-12    D&D 3.5     First up.   I get a 64 on d100, which puts me on the second table. Then a 5 for vertical, and a 6 for horizontal. Halving those means a 2.5 and a 3. I didn’t specify rounding up or down, but I am going to round up, mostly because I like the result better. The first chimera – the Cameagle!   On to which system to use. I rolled a 10 on d12, so that is D&D 3.5. I took a look at the 3.5 Monster Manual for similar creatures, like the hippogriff and the griffon. I thought I would try for something that would fit somewhere in between the two as far as general toughness and Combat Rating. Here it is:   The Cameagle The result of a terrible magical mistake, the cameagle has since become a popular mount and curiousity in arid regions. Recently, the Amir Namid the Mad has equipped his entire personal guard on armored cameagles. According to reports, the amount of armor is a key factor as yet to be determined but initial trials are favorable.     Cameagle       Size/Type:      Large Magical Beast Hit Dice:          5d10+15 (42 hp) Initiative:        +1 Speed:            40 ft. (8 squares), fly 70 ft. (average) Armor Class: 16 (-1 size, +1 Dex, +6 natural), touch 10, flat-footed 15 Base Attack/Grapple:            +5/+13 Attack:            2 Kicks +9 melee (1d4+4) Full Attack:     2 Kicks +9 melee (1d4+4) and beak +4 melee (2d6+2) Space/Reach:             10 ft./5 ft. Special Attacks:          Spit Special Qualities:       Darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, scent Saves:             Fort +7, Ref +4, Will +2 Abilities:         Str 18, Dex 13, Con 16, Int 2, Wis 13, Cha 8 Skills: Listen +4, Spot +8 Feats: Alertness, Endurance Environment:            Deserts, Arid Hills Organization:             Solitary, pair, or flight (7-12) Challenge Rating:      3 Treasure:       None Alignment:     Always neutral Advancement:           6-8 HD (Large); 9-12 HD (Huge) Level Adjustment:     -   A cameagle retains the camel’s ability to travel for long distances with little food and no water.   Spit – by some strange fluke, the eagle-like head of the cameagle retains the camel’s propensity to accurately and disgustingly spit if riled. As an attack action the cameagel must roll a ranged touch attack [+6 to hit, no range increment, maximum range - 15 feet]. A struck creature suffers the effects below, as determined by its hit dice:   Target’s Hit Dice                    Ongoing Effect           1-3                                          Blinded 4-6                                          Sickened 7+                                           Dazzled   Affected targets may spend an attack action to clear away the spittle and remove the ongoing effect.     To train a Cameagle:   A cameagle must be trained to accept a rider in battle.   Training a cameagle takes six weeks and a DC 25 Handle Animal check. Riding a cameagle requires an exotic saddle.   A cameagle can fight while carrying a rider, but the rider must succeed on a Ride check [DC 5] in order to fight.   Cameagle eggs are worth 2,500 gp apiece when available, while young untrained cameagles are worth 5,000 gp. A professional trainer charges 1,000 gp to rear or train a cameagle to full size and training.     Carrying Capacity:   Light load - up to 300 pounds Medium load - 301-600 pounds Heavy load - 601-900 pounds.