Knights-Marshal of the Commonwealth Index!

Clint Staples

The collected posts and datafiles related to my BASH-Sci Fi campaign, Tales of the Knights-Marshal.


A Glossary of the Commonwealth

Reetha Shartar, Knight-Marshall of the Order

Thane Krios, Sargeant at Arms of the Order

Rae Keth, Elohir Exile, and Bondi of the Order

Knights-Marshall of the Commonwealth - WorldBuilding!

Starships and Terminology for the KM 'Verse

Summary Justice and the Knights-Marshal

Knights-Marshall Courser Class Patrol Ship

Knights-Marshal of the Commonwealth - Gyrfalcon Heavy Ornithopter

The Shard, part One  - Signatory Race of the Commonwealth

Shard Bio-Technology - Weapons and Armor

Synths for the Knights-Marshal Setting

Ser Sentinel D'Artinuel, Synth Knight-Marshal

Synth Swarms

Mechs in the Commonwealth

Orders of Chivalry

Synthetic Limbs, Organs and Some Notes on Money in the Commonwealth

Synth Datafile - Hound of Scathac 

Elohir Strider Datafile

Monstrous Datafile - The Skinwalker

Monstrous Datafile - Mutant Bear

Monstrous Datafile - Mandragoran Hunter-Killer

Monstrous Datafile - Nebula Dhole, a Ship Class Threat

Antagonist Datafile - Satha, Wight Mercenary

Antagonist Datafile - Rhoark, Zhar-gath of Marauders

Antagonist Datafile - Marauder Warband

Antagonis Datafile - Rythani Wardbeast and Crew

Antagonist Datafile - Saaren Assassin

Human 'Drifts' in the Commonwealth

New Advantages and Disadvantages for KMotC

Fatigue and Power Use in Knights-Marshal of the Commonwealth

Psionics and Alien Psionics

MIndblade Psionic Power

Aliens as PCs

Samarkhan and the Qizil - a world and one of its fauna, in brief

The Great Moons of Pallissey and the Rotfang


Something a Little Different:

Weapons and Armor for Knights-Marshal of the Commonwealth - Runequestified for your enjoyment

Alternate Hit Location system with Knights-Marshal of the Commonwealth in Mind

Mandragoran Hunter-Killer Runequestified




More to follow.