Index of Mythos Society Guide to New England Bonus Content

Clint Staples

Here you can find all the bonus content I have developed for 'The Mythos Society Guide to New England'.


Goodie Hallet, the Witch of Wellfleet

His Majesty - The Great Sea Serpent of New England

The Chaousarou - The Monster of Lake Champlain!?

The Demonic Horse - A witches companion, steed of the helspawn, or tool of Nyarlathotep - You decide!

The Demon Whale - a horrific monster and the steed of Goodie Hallet, but could it also be a foe to Dagon and his spawn?

The Dingball - a supernatural predator with a nasty streak

The Misshepesha - a terrible elder being from the legends of the Native Americans of the Northeastern United States.

Woden-Lithi Draugr - Undead from before the dawn of history!

And if you are so inclined to inflict the above on on your Gloranthan PCs, here they are converted to Runequest 6/ Legend RPG.


Demonic Horse - Runequestified

Dingball - Runequestified

His Majesty - Runequestified

Check back often. There is more to come.