D_I_Y Apocalypse: Reset!

Clint Staples
Here are the notes for my entry for our DIY Apocalypse Challenge on “d-Infinity Live!” I have not had much time to tidy them up, but they answer all the questions and the setting is done in the "Back of the Book Blurb" style, which give a pretty good idea of the bare bones of the setting.
What is the nature of you Apocalypse:
  • Spaceborne Annihilation
What forces are at work:
  • A Space Disease
  • Geneticists and other life scientists
  • Rampant political and military paranoia
  • Major governments
How does the World End:
  • Global power structures crumble
  • billions die from disease and limited nuclear exchange
  • Technology infrastructure fails
Who and/or what survives:
  • A fraction of the human population
  • Fragments of technology
  • Animals altered by the plague
  • Humans altered by the plague
Game Title: Reset
The apocalypse arrives from deep space. Perhaps it was launched by an alien race, light years and decades ahead of their arrival and invasion. Perhaps it was a “natural” scourge, born in the darkness between the stars. No one living knows, or cares. The last records of a dying technology record that it blotted out the outer planets as it approached and that the powers of the age were helpless to stop it.
The first noticeable effect is a plague, seemingly designed specifically to eradicate humanity. It is very nearly successful. Those humans that are not killed outright (and that is overwhelming majority) are scattered, starving and unable to maintain the infrastructure of technology. The great apes are also affected, but other beasts seem to fare better, with some creatures seemingly immune. As global communication, and global technology, collapses, geneticists and immunologists work feverishly on a number of strategies to capitalize on the immunity of some bioforms.
Then something changed.
Maybe the geneticists had a breakthrough.
Maybe the plague mutated.
Maybe the survivors did.
All we know is that a select few – human and animal alike, seemed to adapt to, and adapt, the plague simultaneously.
The result is that these few have some level of conscious control over their own forms, their own abilities.
You are one such. In a world gone mad, where technology is in ruins and the world a crumbling shell, you have more power than you ever had before the Apocalypse.
The question is: What will you do with it.