City Builder and Me!

Clint Staples

City Builder: Platinum Edition, currently in Kickstarter, is an expanded and revamped version of the bestselling title from Skirmisher Publishing! I am very excited for the Platinum Edition for several reasons. 

The first is I get to write for it! The original came out before my association with Skirmisher began, and was one of the reasons I wanted to work with the folks here. The original book was, and is, a good book! Now, expanded, with better graphics, more locations, and years more experience for all of us in writing and pubiishing games - it is even better!

I look forward to contributing to that. I also know I better bring my A-game as a writer, because the new book deserves it. 

The second is less self-serving. People deserve a new edition. This is a book that every GM, regardless of their game system of choice, will use just about any time they want to set up a city, or any more or less urban feature or locale within one. Each entry gives the Game Master a description of the place and examples of different versions of it through time, but also includes why it is used, the reasons a group of adventurers might need to be there, special features of the location that can influence role-playing or combat, security concerns, magical or technological modifications and how the place might be viewed or used by non-humans - pretty much everything a GM needs to fit the place into his world, and to represent that place around the gaming table. 

The third major reason I want this book to come out is because mine is because I want a Physical Copy of the Book! I have the pdf, and still use it regularly. But having the hard cover book as well as the pdf fills me with joy and I look forward to having it on my shelf of GM Reference Books!  

BTW, If you want a look inside the new edition, there is a free preview that shows you what you will be getting. If you have not backed the Kickstarter, there is still time, and we have a lot of cool stuff coming up for further stretchgoals!