Barbarians of Lemuria - Mythic Edition

Clint Staples

So currently, the Barbarians of Lemuria, Mythic Edition Kickstarter is heading into its last 10 days. Already a terrific success, it has more stretch goals to slay, bloody Valgardian blade in hand, to stand triumphant, leading a horde of backers. So I thought I would mention it here, do my part to help spread the word, as it were.


If you are unfamiliar with the game, it has been around since 2005, in two different iterations thus far. It started off a fine game, but was a labor of love for creator Simon Washbourne. A few years later, the Epic edition added some well deserved cash to the project, providing a more finished effort and greater distribution. Now the Mythic edition promises even more. if you want a game designed to run adventure like Conan, King Kull or Karl Edward Wagner's Kane, this is your game.

Go check it out here.


if you want a little more on how the game plays, it is the core system for a number of others in various genres, including Honor & Intrigue, the RPG of cinematic swashbuckling that I [sort of] reviewed here a while back. 


One of the promos that the Kickstarter has set up is a character creation contest. Any backer can get access to the Beta of the rules and use them to create a character, including a short background. If yours is popular enough, it might get picked to appear in the pages of the finished game. So I had to try that. For your reading pleasure, here is Hroarek, a troubled, possibly cursed, Valgardian berserker.




At the moment of Hroarek’s birth, one of the great grey tundra andrak roared from beyond the walls of Runegarth – and the babe roared in response – gaining his name.


He grew tall and strong, keen-witted, with the instincts of his namesake. When the Axos attacked, Hroarek lead his garth as they drove back the mountain-men, slew the druids that roused them. But the druids were not finished. Summoning a scaly monstrosity of the Outer Dark, they descended on the Runegarth camp.


A roar woke Hroarek, in time to avert the knife even as the druid’s mind entered his own. The sacrificial blade missed its mark, taking his eye instead. But an andrak’s fury filled him as he fought the druid’s soul. Hroarek struggled upright, rending the life from his tormentor, to fight the druids’ demon.


He woke again, surrounded by corpses - druids, Valgardians, the demon - a bloody andrak panting nearby.


Hroarek’s mind is not what it was, still aswirl with soul-fragments of druid and monster, held at bay with the fierce strength of his companion.  Lately, he has fallen in with a band of brigands who accept him for his strength, but fear his rages and his beast.


Strength 4                  Agility 1          Mind -1          Appeal 1

Initiative 1                 Melee 2          Ranged 0        Defense 1

Lifeblood 14

Hero Points 5

Armour: 1d3

Languages: Lemurian, Valgardian

Careers: Berserker 2, Beast Master 2, Bandit 0, Druid 0

Boons: Trademark Weapon - Valgardian Greatblade, Beast Friend [Grey Andrak of the Tundra, name- Varth], Giant Strength

Flaws: Illiterate, One-Eye

Gear: Valgardian Greatblade, Light armor [Scaly hide of the druids’ monstrosity] and helmet [made from the scaled skull of the druids’ monstrosty's head], hatchet, dagger.